Eyebrow Extensions Outline Used For Cancer Patients


Getting cancer and having to go through the process of chemotherapy is an incredibly difficult situation for anyone to endure and although there is a massive amount of pain that the patient usually experiences, coupled with a huge amount of stress and worry about the future, they have deal with the fact that the hair on their bodies are going to fall off. Many people are fully aware that cancer patients going through chemo typically lose their hair, but few people realize that they also lose their eyebrows. This just impacts the negative thoughts and feelings that they are going through, so getting hair and eyebrows back can be a massive confidence booster during such a difficult time.

Benefits and Information

Although it can be fairly easy to hide the fact that you do not have any hair by simply getting a wig that can cover it up, but your eyebrows are a bit harder to cover up if they are missing. However, there are some great options that can be utilized if you or someone you know has lost their eyebrows, due to their cancer treatment, the best of which are eyebrow extensions. These extensions are not painted on or a makeup of any kind, but are made up of tiny hairs that are attached to the skin, which look just about identical to normal eyebrows and can be customized nearly any way you would like. These eyebrow extensions go on for a period of about four weeks, after which you will have to have them reapplied, so in a way they kind of function just like regular hair extensions. The only difference here is that you need to get them redone about once a month, but they can do a huge amount of good for someone that is feeling down about the way they look because of chemotherapy. Keep in mind that some brands require that you get them changed about every two weeks.

Purchasing Extensions

Eyebrow extensions are water resistant as well, meaning you can take them in the pool and in the shower and will not have to worry about the possibility of them falling off for the most part. If you want to get yourself some of these extensions, you can look up the various companies in your area that provide this type of service, but you can just about guarantee that you can locate some places near you where you can get it done. If you cannot locate them near you, you can always purchase them online, but it is a good idea to have them put on for you at first.


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